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How to Package AEM Log Files

The following are the steps in packaging the complete AEM log files. This is extremely helpful when opening a DayCare ticket for issues with Adobe or when trying to collaborate with other teams. AEM log files are located within the AEM folder on the server. Location of AEM Logs will be “<aem-installation-dir>/crx-quickstart/logs”.

Using this process, you will zipped the following base logs as well as other custom log files that you have configured:

  • access.log - All access requests to AEM and the repository are registered here

  • audit.log - Moderation actions are registered here

  • error.log - Error messages (of varying levels of severity) are registered here

  • history.log - Provides revision journaling information

  • request.log - Each access request is registered here together with the response

  • upgrade.log - Provides a log of all upgrade operations and tasks

Technical Steps:

1. From the operations Dashboard, click on Web Console

2. Click on Status > Log Files

3. Click on Download as Zip to package and download the file:

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